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Self-Help : Self Defense



Combat Fighter AND Combat Shooter - Capitalize on legitimate Spec Operator Fighting and Shooting products - Contact us for the SHOOTER page links and swipes for both offers - $63 AOV - 90% commissions available - contact

Self-Help : Self Defense

Patriot Wholesale Club (view mobile)

Customers love us because we're like the Costco of survivalll. We offer top-selling products without brand name labels attached for pennies on the dollar. Our sales pages are written by one of the nation's leading survivalll copywriters and convert like !!!!

Self-Help : Self Defense

Secret Death Touches - Hot hot hot self-defense niche offer!

A unique product with high EPCs, Secret Death Touches has taken us by total surprise during initial in-house split-testing phase. If you have the right traffic, get ready to make some big bucks. Excellent customer feedback both on Front End and Upsell 1.

Self-Help : Self Defense

REAL LIFE Self Defense (view mobile)

In demand tactical trainer for elite government agencies fbi, dea, dhs and tsa helps regular men and women of ANY age or ability defend themselves so they can stay safe and get home.

Self-Help : Self Defense

Family Self Defense (view mobile)

Amazing Video Sales Letter That Will Make You Super Easy $$$. Every 2nd-3rd Customer Takes at least 1 Up-sell from 3. Up To $80 Per Customer - Straight To Your Pocket. Jump On Board And Make Money!

Self-Help : Self Defense

Spec Ops Shooting - Thrive on the rabid gun shooting market (view mobile)

Update: New VSL Improves Conversion Rate By 60% 1% CR On Cold Traffic Improved Upsell Take Rate With Dedicated Funnel From the marketers of Lost Ways & Blackout USA.

Self-Help : Self Defense

Patriot's Self Defense: Insane Conversions! (view mobile)

One Of A Kind Self-Defense Offer Converts Warm/Cold Traffic & Paying 75% Across The Board! Cutting-Edge VSL. Astonishing Product Keeps Refunds Low Meaning More Money In Your Pocket. Killer Upsells For Maximum Profits.

Self-Help : Self Defense

New! Fight 4 Family Huge $3+ EPC! (Proof on aff page) (view mobile)

New! - Crazy front end conversions with multiple upsells including recurring billing! Multiple affiliates are seeing $3+ EPC! Converts to Self defence, survivalll, diy, family. Affiliate material with swipes and banners at:

Self-Help : Self Defense

One Shot Fight Enders (view mobile)

Discover what most experts will never know about real self defense. Three Black Belts, Ex-Bouncer, Bodyguard and First Responder shows you exactly how to end any attack with these SHOCK KNOCK OUT techniques.

Self-Help : Self Defense

First Gun T-Shirt On Clickbank - Give It Away Free - Gun Carrier (view mobile)

Give away the free "iPac" t-shirt. Let you customer show they fight for their second amendment rights. A conversion monsters thanks to a free t-shirt offer. Get started now -

Self-Help : Self Defense
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