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Self-Help : Motivational / Transformational


February - Mega hit Miracle Money Magnets with Croix Sather (view mobile)

Just launched! Already seeing huge EPCs w High conversions, low refunds. This offer is crushing it in the Biz Op/PD/Spirituality space. Just mail and watch a tsunami of commissions come flowing in. JV Tools Page down below!

Self-Help : Motivational / Transformational

369 Manifestation Code

Join us for the new Self-Help offer for the winter of 2021! $15k VSL Converts Like Crazy! High Value And Intake Rate for 2 Upsells, 2 Downsells,2 Bumps. Just Send A Test Email And See With Your Own Eyes! Great For Cold Traffic, Media Buyers and Social!

Self-Help : Motivational / Transformational

Manifestation Miracle - Epic Conversions!

HUGE conversions in the PD space. 75% Commissions On Front End, 75% On Backend + 35% on recurring subscription!! High stick rate means ongoing commissions! CPA Option available too.

Self-Help : Motivational / Transformational

Ancient Secret of Kings (view mobile)

Big Commissions! We pay 70% on the frontend and across all 3 upsells. Frontend is converting at almost 3% now. Related: Wealth Attraction, Law Of Attraction, Manifestation, P D / Self-help, Mind Power

Self-Help : Motivational / Transformational

Mindzoom Affirmations Subliminal Software. #1 converting software.

Mindzoom is an All Time Best selling self improvement software. Unique product in an Untapped Market that converts like crazy. Drive traffic and it sells itself. Wake The Genius In You, Improve Your Mind And Body, Effortlessly Using Your Pc.

Self-Help : Motivational / Transformational

New Mega Hit The Abundance Accelerator. Huge Epcs!!! (view mobile)

The Abundance Accelerator is a brand new manifestation offer that is crushing it in the Spirituality/PD space. Transformational coach Allanah Hunt has created a new product your list is going to love. Full JV Tools Page Below..

Self-Help : Motivational / Transformational

The Amazing You 2020 - Newly Revamped - Apr 2020 (view mobile)

Brand new authentic PD offer co-created with Harvard psychologist Marion. 75% comms for front-end & upsells, PLUS 20% on recurring comms! Most relevant offer in this crucial period as ppl are looking for transformation & change. Give it a test mail today!

Self-Help : Motivational / Transformational

Wealth Activator Code - Up To $156.54 In Commissions Per Sale! (view mobile)

Exciting PD offer with a unique hook on helping people unlock their "wealth instincts" to attract abundant wealth into their lives! Give it a test mail and watch the commissions gush in! Suitable For Personal Development, Wealth, Manifestation, L O A

Self-Help : Motivational / Transformational

Just Updated Seeing Over $2 EPC's On Cold Traffic!! (view mobile)

This offer is converting better then any other PD/Spiritual Offer on Clickbank! Instant Manifestation Secrets is like no other program out there. Author, motivational speaker Croix Sather has put a program together that your audience will love!!

Self-Help : Motivational / Transformational

Isochiral (Chakra ,Psychic, LOA) - Multiple New Upsells & 90% Comms (view mobile)

Up to 90% Comms EPC $1.20. Very Low Refunds Over 100 Personal Development, Self Help & Spiritual Products: Brainwave Entrainment ,Chakra, Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Subliminal, Hypnosis, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Solfeggio:

Self-Help : Motivational / Transformational
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